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Further Testimonials from Kripalu

From students in the Weaving a Life process course taught at Kripalu Institute, Lennox, Massachusetts, USA

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"The Weaving a Life process touches my soul. It's a mirror. This work informs me about myself."

— Linda Chidsey, Certified in Weaving a Life process, Kripalu student

"It's amazing! This experience this week has been so rich. The table you have set is sumptuous."

— Kripalu student, Lennox, Massachusetts

"I needed to learn how to play again, and carry the positive energy into my world."

— Catie, Kripalu student

"The Weaving a Life process experienced on the EarthLoom is that crossing point where the warp and weft meet each moment. That is what we need to be aware of. That is the yoga of mindfulness."

— Kripalu student, Lennox, Massachusetts

"This is different from therapy. There was sharing with women, people talking and sharing stories. I've done therapy; this is different, because of my degree of readiness. This work isn't being scrutinized. What you do is not looking at what's wrong, it's looking for the truth behind what's wrong, bringing forward what needs to come to light, and letting the rest fall away."

— Kripalu student, Lennox, Massachusetts