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Testimonials about EarthLooms and the Weaving a Life process


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"The EarthLoom is taking on a large role in my life as I share it with the Girl Scout Community across the nation. What a blessing for me and for them!"

— Lou Creber, Weaving a Life certified, national activist in Girl Scouts of America

"This work is allowing me to look deeply at myself and what I believe. The idea of combining handcraft with deep spiritual work is very appealing."

— Lori Hartman, Certified in the Weaving a Life process, Montana, USA

"I still feel like I am learning and growing from the experience. Every time someone visits the studio, we talk about the EarthLoom. This world is fortunate to be graced by you."

— Shanna Wheelock, Lubec, Maine, USA

"This is so incredible, like fireworks going off in my brain. For so long, I've had the fuel and the fuse. Now I have the fire. That's what I've been missing. It's tangible, something I can hold on to. That's what I like about it. It was an amazing experience, a spiritual experience.

It's magic, intentional, energetic, so incredible. It all fits. It's really about healing, giving form to feeling. This work will help people in a much bigger cosmic picture, because it teaches us about healing from the inside.

I need community. This work is important. I am blessed that it has come into my life now.

— Nutmeg Spinners Guild participant, Enfield, Connecticut, USA

"I have always believed we are all connected, whether animal, mineral, or vegetable, through the miraculous vibration of Life. Every particle moves to its own tempo. Everything dancing. I now see the whole of creation joined as if by hands, weaving over, under, around and through each other. All separate, yet woven together."

— Dana Schultz, Certified in the Weaving a Life process, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Testimonials from Kripalu

"This practice of working with my hands with the EarthLooms and going beneath language has shown me a way to allow my creativity to find expression."

— Linda Chidsey, student at Kripalu, Lenox, Massachusetts, USA

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