Karen's Story: Loss and Renewal

Karen Marciano sent us this touching and beautiful story of a shared EarthLoom project, the loss of the loom in a storm, followed by the tragic loss of her husband, who had built the loom. After all this, we see her inspiring and healing decision to rebuild it and help others connect with the Earth through it.

We let Karen tell her story in her own words.

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Aug_3_2013_096.jpgIn 2011, I first heard of Earth & Garden looms. My husband and I made a rustic loom. I had fun weaving all sorts of natural items into a tapestry of nature. In 2012, two sad events occurred. A severe storm damaged the loom and my husband was diagnosed with cancer. After five short months, my husband lost his battle with cancer. Gardening has been my therapy and this spring I decided to build a new version of the Garden Loom. I was cleaning up the yard and decided to use two old newel posts and a piece of lattice that were purchased at a tag sale for an unknown future use. They became the lower portion of my new loom. The loom was positioned to provide an entryway into the Memorial Garden I created in my husband’s memory.

On August 3, I hosted “Art in the Garden”. It was a garden tour/craft show with a raffle to raise money for our local cancer center. It was a huge success. The best part was having everyone weave a little of their Spirit into a wonderful tapestry on my Garden Loom. The heart was added to symbolize the love that was felt throughout the day. Everyone commented on the good energy and peacefulness they felt in my gardens and all were eager to add a little piece of themselves, as they wove on the Garden Loom.

[At right is the new loom. Immediately below is the original.]

— Karen Marciano