A Hawk's Blessing

Jan Wieloch purchased the EarthLoom DVD, and built this loom next to a field. She experienced a rare moment: a hawk landed on the top of her loom and stayed for a while. She shared the photos with us.

Richard Merrill, co-founder of the EarthLoom Foundation, is of Iroquois heritage, and sees this a powerful blessing of the EarthLoom. Some see the hawk as a sign, good or bad. Some see the hawk as a messenger from the Great Spirit.

This event reminded Richard of some of the words of prayer that officially opens the Council of the Iroquois (Haudenosaunee) nations: "And they shall offer thanks to the earth, where all people dwell...to the messengers of the Great Spirit who dwell in the skies above, who gives all things useful to men, who is the source and the ruler of health and life..."


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An EarthLoom made from birch trees thinned from a grove stands by a field in western New York.


A hawk honored and blessed the EarthLoom with its presence. A hunter, ratúra'c in the Tuscarora language, this hawk chose the EarthLoom for its perch for a short while.


A closeup shows it to be a red-shouldered hawk.

What a blessing for this EarthLoom!