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Help needed in Greece

Maria lives with her family in Greece, whose economy has virtually collapsed. She wrote to us about what they are doing. They have access to internet and email.
Maria mentions that in Greece weaving is "not very famous." We saw a documentary a few years ago about just this fact. Weaving, once the pride of Greece, and made famous by Penelope in the tale of Odysseus, has virtually disappeared as a craft. Let's help renew it in our own small ways.

my name is maria and we are a family of 3.
In greece weaving is not very famous. there are very few people who weave. no books or people to teach.
I found an old loom and i try to learn by myself, watching videos in the internet. 
We are both unemployeed so no way to buy books from abroad.
Please if you want to help sharing plans for a garden loom it will be very hlpful.
Any help is more than welcome! Notes, plans, pdf,books.
we try to learn as much as possible about looms and weaving!
its a creative way we love! its a hope!
thank you for reading my message!

Note: Weaving a Life has provided Maria with links to all our downloadable products.


Contact us if you would like to help Maria and her family