A Family Reunion is Blessed with an EarthLoom

A Weaving a Life Certified Circle Leader brought her community leadership skills and knowledge of the EarthLoom (as well as a set of plans!) to a family reunion.

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A family reunion in upstate New York was transformed into an EarthLoom celebration and bonding experience.

They had planned a big bonfire, but some tidy soul thought it was a pile of brush, and burned it the day before everyone arrived. One hundred people stood looking at a cirle of ashes where their party was supposed to have been.

Luckily, one of the family was Laurel Karsch, who had taken the Weaving Circle Leadership course from Weaving a Life, and happened to have her EarthLoom DVD with her, with plans for the EarthLoom. After a little noodling, the crowd was galvanized. Men went into the woods for downed trees. Women went to the fabric store for materials to weave with. Before long, an EarthLoom was taking shape.


They built it together, erected it that evening, and it was the focus of the party for the whole weekend.


Many hands worked together to make it happen. People worked together who had not spoken for years.


The weaving went on all day, beginning with some ferns and fabric strips woven in. Relatives from different parts of the country wove together, literally weaving the family closer.


The party was lively and fun, largely due to the shared purpose of coming together to build and weave on the EarthLoom. There was a 50th anniversary in the family, and that was celebrated with a big pair of hearts above the weaving.


Alas, the lawn needed to be returned to its pre-EarthLoom state, but nobody could stand to tear down the loom.

The solution: move it to a knoll near a family graveyard in the woods at the top of a meadow. A team pitched in. They laid it on the back of a pickup truck bed and carefully drove it, with a crowd walking beside, up to the cemetery. Here they are carrying it carefully across the meadow up the knoll.


A young couple was honored to have participated. Those red hearts are for them, too!


The EarthLoom will watch over the meadow for a long time to come.