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Your tax-deductible* contributions train volunteers, therapists, and teachers in the Weaving a Life process and in the techniques, logistics, and cultural issues of bringing EarthLooms to individuals and groups in the US and abroad. They fund looms, travel and other expenses for EarthLoom projects. They provide scholarships to give the Weaving a Life experience for those who cannot afford training, and provide support and assistance in implementing EarthLoom projects.

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 earthloomDVD_t.jpgPurchase the EarthLoom DVD

Building and Weaving on the Earth Loom

This lively video shows the building, installation and weaving on an Earth Loom at a school in Maine under the direction of Susan Barrett Merrill, originator of the Earth Loom. Filmed by Lincoln Clapp of Maine Media Productions, it follows the day-long project culminating in a harvest weaving of materials from the students' Garden Project. Susan Barrett Merrill explains the purpose and uses of the Earth Loom, our new peace symbol (you'll see why!).

Also included with the DVD is a 16-page booklet with complete plans and instructions for two sizes of Earth Looms. Measurements, digging the holes, building and stabilizing the loom, and alternate methods of warping (stringing) the Earth Loom. This film will make you want to build one yourself!

Check out through 10% of purchase price goes to the EarthLoom Foundation

Price is $24.95 incl. DVD and plan book