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We value your privacy as we value our own.

The EarthLoom Foundation collects information through this website via contact forms, contributions forms, membership, email messages, and telephone conversations.

What we do with this information:

We preserve this information in secure online databases, computer log files (certain non-identifying information) and offline paper files, with the exception of credit card information, which we never see or handle.

We never share this information with any other party in any way without your express permission.


Terms of Use

Your use of this website is voluntary. You may choose to contact us or not. If you do contact us, we do our best to respond in a timely manner.

Where we mention or connect to other websites via information, hyperlinks, or other means, we usually indicate that you are leaving the EarthLoom Foundation website.

The EarthLoom Foundation is not responsible for the typographical or other inadvertent errors on our own website, nor for the content, policies, or actions of other websites, and cannot be held liable for any experience you have from a website you connected to from the EarthLoom Foundation website.

This is an actual legal agreement between you, the website visitor, and the EarthLoom Foundation. We make every effort to make it informative and interactive in pleasing and productive ways. We hope you will contact us with any constructive suggestions for projects, interactions, or other ideas.


Richard Merrill & Susan Barrett Merrill
Co-founders, The EarthLoom Foundation